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Southern Paws 2021 Announced

January 22nd, 2021

Southern Paws has announced that they will be running their second event this year, running from the 30th of April to the 3rd of May. This event will be held at the same location as in 2019 — the Waipara Adventure Center about 40 minutes north of Christchurch. The event has been extended by one night, now operating as a three-night convention (like FurCoNZ)

The theme for this years event is Space Westerns. Bascially, think Firefly. Both spacecraft and cowboy hats!

Registration isn’t open yet, but details can be found on the Southern Paws website. There’s also an official Telegram group, which you can join by following the link in the big purple box on the website.

FurCoNZ 2020 - One month to go!

January 4th, 2020

With less than one month left to go, FurCoNZ 2020 is coming up quickly! FurCoNZ will be held from January 30th – February 2nd, 2020.

Though all sponsor and premium-tier tickets are sold out, FurCoNZ still has plenty of regular tickets remaining (and a handful of day passes). Regular ticket registration should be open until the 16th of January. So, if you’re interested in going, you still have a chance to make it.

You can find more information on their official website or go right to ordering a ticket.