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FurCoNZ 2021 Announced

November 8th, 2021

Haere mai e te whanau Furry o Aotearoa - FurcoNZ has been confirmed for 2022! The convention will be held February 11th-14th, at the Forest Lakes Camping & Convention Center, Ōtaki!

We’ll be announcing more details and activities over the coming weeks - please sign up to our newsletter, or follow us on social media to keep up to date with information as it’s released. You can view the dates that tickets will go on sale on the Registration page above. Note that you don’t have to pay immediately - the deadlines for each type of ticket are listed under each item.

Unlike previous years, we are opening overnight attendance to those aged 14 and up, with particular conditions on younger attendees. If you are <18, please review our Youth Information page for more information!

We are also open to overseas attendees, subject of course to government advice. In order to make this easier, we’re offering an extended period to receive a full refund if travel is not possible by the time of the convention. See our International Attendees page for more information.

Finally, please familiarize yourself with our COVID-19 policy before signing up. In particular, we will be requiring proof of vaccination for all attendees - so if you haven’t already, take this as the excuse to finally go out and get vaccinated!

The best way to keep up to date with news as well as meeting other attendees is to join our Telegram chat over at - Telegram is the main communications hub for most of the NZ Furry Community.

We look forwards to seeing you all at FurcoNZ in February!

Southern Paws 2021 Announced

January 22nd, 2021

Southern Paws has announced that they will be running their second event this year, running from the 30th of April to the 3rd of May. This event will be held at the same location as in 2019 — the Waipara Adventure Center about 40 minutes north of Christchurch. The event has been extended by one night, now operating as a three-night convention (like FurCoNZ)

The theme for this years event is Space Westerns. Bascially, think Firefly. Both spacecraft and cowboy hats!

Registration isn’t open yet, but details can be found on the Southern Paws website. There’s also an official Telegram group, which you can join by following the link in the big purple box on the website. Archive

January 5th, 2020

We are pleased to announce is now hosting a static archive of the original website. Give the logo below a click to head to the archive and check it out!

old logo

The website was created by Colin Raccoon in 2001 to support the NZFurs mailing list. Based on the successful OZFurry mailing list, this was an early way for Furry Fans in NZ to find like minded people, discuss their fandom, and plan events.

Over time the site added features including a Directory of NZ Furs and their characters, a birthday and event calendar, a web forum, and links to popular fandom sites. The mailing list and website served the growing community well, but by the 2010s the rise of Facebook groups and IM/chat apps such as Telegram and Discord provided more immediate and interactive ways to communicate and activity declined. After Colin passed away in 2014 the site was maintained by Nipper and Kyhwana without significant changes for several years.

With an archive of the original site now established, we will redirect traffic to our new site here.

Check out some of our early logos below.

old logo one

old logo two

This new site is intended to provide persistent login accounts for NZ furry events such as Southern Paws and FurCoNZ, so that attendees do not have to create separate new accounts for each event each year. We also have an event calendar for upcoming NZ and regional furry events, and a blog for news and announcements.

We eventually hope to add a more modern version of the NZ Furry Directory, allowing users to share character bios and pictures, and contact information such as Twitter handles or Discord usernames.

Our thanks go out to Sandwalker for maintaining the Directory, Kyhwana for helping maintain the site over the years, and Kakapo for developing the new

FurCoNZ 2020 - One month to go!

January 4th, 2020

With less than one month left to go, FurCoNZ 2020 is coming up quickly! FurCoNZ will be held from January 30th – February 2nd, 2020.

Though all sponsor and premium-tier tickets are sold out, FurCoNZ still has plenty of regular tickets remaining (and a handful of day passes). Regular ticket registration should be open until the 16th of January. So, if you’re interested in going, you still have a chance to make it.

You can find more information on their official website or go right to ordering a ticket.